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A family asset is most often deemed as property used (or intended to be used) for a family function. The asset is generally owned by one or both of the spouses, or by the minor child of either spouse. Not every asset is a “family feature”, nor are all of the property divisions obtained equally. For strong representation from a lawyer dedicated to maximizing your benefits, call Smith, Renfro, Goins and Holmes, PC now. There is no obligation to hire, and we collect no fees unless we make a recovery or settlement on your behalf.

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Asset Division regulations are applied in accordance to the marital status of the couples and the individual circumstances. The idea that each spouse has rights to half of the interest can be disputed. The court may take into accounts various factors when determining whether or not the proposal is valid. For example, the court may have a thorough examination of all individual state affairs to determine the application of the property division.

If the couple is separating, both parties have individual rights to the specified possessions, as well as obligations to his or her former spouse or partner to share the property. There is no set length of time in which the relationship must be met in order to make a triumphant claim under this set of guidelines. However, in most cases, the longer the relationship is, the more likely one’s claim will be to succeed.


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