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The Deceptive Trade Practices – Consumer Protection Act (DTPA) was enacted to protect consumers when they purchase or lease goods or services. Prior to its coming into law, consumers had little recourse in commercial transactions. The law is supposed to be interpreted in the broadest possible way to provide the greatest protection. For strong representation from a lawyer dedicated to maximizing your benefits, call Smith, Renfro, Goins and Holmes, PC now. There is no obligation to hire, and we collect no fees unless we make a recovery or settlement on your behalf.

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Anyone can sue under the act if they engage in the purchase or lease of goods or services. This means anyone who buys something, whether for personal or business use is protected.

Goods are anything that can be bought and sold. Services can include repairs. Anybody engaged in “trade and commerce” is subject to the requirements of the law. That would be any business offering things or services up for sale.

The law protects against:

  • False, misleading or deceptive acts
  • Breaches of express or implied warranties
  • Unconscionable actions or courses of action
  • The DPTA gives consumers powerful protections against being taken advantage of.


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