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Smith, Renfro, Goins and Holmes, PC has years of experience dealing with landlord and tenant litigation cases. When you have experienced a dispute of this nature it is important to contact a landlord/tenant litigation law firm to determine whether or not you have a viable claim. A landlord/tenant litigation attorney can help you understand your legal rights. For strong representation from a lawyer dedicated to maximizing your benefits, call Smith, Renfro, Goins and Holmes, PC now.

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Landlord and tenant laws can affect both the individual leasing the property/living space as well as the tenant/renter. Landlord and tenant disputes generally revolve around federal and state property and contract laws and a landlord tenant lease dispute may occur. There is a wide variety of issues that may be brought forth in a landlord/tenant dispute, including but not limited to:

  • Discrimination
  • Housing code
  • Repairs
  • Late payment
  • Property damage

The Residential Landlord Tenant Act ensures the tenants’ rights to a livable apartment. Unlawful discrimination is protected by a landlord tenant lease and the law. If a landlord displays negligent behavior, the tenant can hold them liable for damages. The tenant has the responsibility to pay rent and pay any other utilities specified in the lease.


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