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The experienced team of professionals in our law firm is prepared to help families whose loved ones have been injured or killed in truck and 18 wheeler accidents. Let us help you obtain the rightful compensation your family deserves so you can begin to rebuild a life for the members who have been affected.

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Each time a huge semi truck passes an automobile on the roadway, metal weighing several tons has the potential to crush the smaller vehicle. Sadly, there are instances every day where just such an accident occurs, and it happens far too often. Negligence or carelessness on the part of a truck driver can lead to devastation beyond belief. The aftermath can leave a family in ruins.

For example, if a husband or wife is severely injured or killed in a truck accident, the lives of the remaining family members are thrown into chaos. Children are left without one of their parents, either temporarily during a hospitalization and recovery period, or permanently through death. The unharmed spouse finds himself or herself under the heavy burden of filling both parental positions. Mounting medical bills can put a family into a debt spiral from which there is no return.


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